American cherry hardwood flooring. Elegant & Stunning… Luxury you can buy!

Posted on Apr 10, 2018

One versatile tree

Usually referred as simply ‘cherry‘, American cherry timber (not to be confused with ‘Brazilian Cherry‘, aka ‘Jatoba‘) is cut from the Black Cherry Tree, a species abundant to the east coast of United States and Canada.


This tree has some interesting characteristics, not only because of its widely known, sharp-taste fruit, suitable for making jams, pies, dark chocolate cakes, and even flavour some liquors, but for its stunningly beautiful reddish hue of wood.


Freshly cut, cherry timber has a fairly pinkish color, which darkens with age and light exposure, turning reddish brown. Its tone can fluctuate due to its sapwood usually being paler than its heartwood. It is used not only for hardwood flooring, but is also the premier cabinetry timber in North America, making it a good candidate for kitchens if proper maintenance is done.


Definitely, distinctive looking floors

Since most clients are buying cherry flooring for their stylish settings, most manufacturers do not apply a UV finish, allowing the wood to come to its natural shade. Under moderate sunlight conditions, it usually takes one or two weeks to expose its darkened colour. If you buy cherry hardwood flooring, make sure you wait a bit for it to come to its richest lustre.


Once it has been exposed to sunlight, the satin-like texture and fine grain will captivate you and your guests. The incredibly stunning environment cherry can create, makes it ideal for formal living and dining rooms, providing a gentle sheen, only cherry can bring.


But cherry’s beautiful curly patterns, and rich russet colours come at a price. Cherry is significantly softer than other types of wood like hickory, hard maple, red oak, or yellow birch. This makes it hard to choose if you still have kids or pets in the house, since it is more prone to dents, so better be prepared.


Ultimately, one of the most elegant hardwood flooring solutions

Price always come up when cherry flooring is discussed. Although admittedly not the most inexpensive solution out there, the value you get for the money you pay, is well worth it.


Incredibly beautiful as it is, cherry, like most of hardwood flooring species out there, come in a variety of color tones, from clear natural, to dark reddish brown. It also comes in different plank sizes, suitable for the most diverse type of decoration.


Frankly, it is hard to find anyone who dislikes the warm accents of cherry, and employing it will create an stylish environment, second to none. If you can afford its price, cherry makes a perfect candidate for a luxurious, almost sensual experience.

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