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hardwood flooring guide
Winter is right around the corner, and with winter comes snow and cold weather that will have you turning up the heat and enjoying nice evenings by the fire. Read more

hardwood flooring guide
Choosing between types of flooring is no easy feat with all the options available today. Read more

Based in Quebec, Canada, Preverco is a quite little success story right in our own backyard. As a leading manufacturer of North-American-sourced, high-end wood flooring, Preverco is leading the way in innovation and quality for the north american market. Read more

Choosing the right Hardwood width for your floor
Spring is in the air and it’s time for a home reno project! If you’re considering a new hardwood flooring, here are some tips to help you with the choice of widths! Read more

How to have the “I think we need new floors” discussion
There comes a time in most long term relationship where one partner will turn to the other and say “I think we need to do something with the floors.” This however is not always the easiest conversation to have. Read more
Alert: Hazards in Hardwood Floor Installation and Finishing
At the Hardwood Flooring Store we take this topic very seriously. We have written about this before and have shared public stories of how major hardwood flooring companies are selling products to Canadians without letting them know where the product truly comes from. Read more
Why we offer Preverco hardwood flooring to our customers
Preverco’s hardwood flooring products are sourced, designed and manufactured in Canada. Read more
Buying Exotic Hardwood Flooring For The Best Price
Solid hardwood flooring gives a home character and beauty that is unsurpassed by other types of flooring.  Read more

The Future of Hardwood Flooring
The future of hardwood flooring is sustainable. In this way the industry has been leading in this domain for a long time now. Long gone are the days where companies and consumers were willing to put up with illegal and non-sustainable practices.  Read more

Hickory floors. Beautiful, radiant warmth...
Nature can be generous to some, and stingy to others. In the case of Hickory, it definitely has been generous, very generous. Read more
6 ways humidity can affect your hardwood flooring
During the winter, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring loses some of its moisture and contracts or shrinks as a result. Read more
Air quality in your home
The air your home can affect your health in the same manner as the city air outside. To be honest, because the majority of people spend the bulk of their days inside their homes, the air can actually be even more harmful than the air outside. Read more
Luxurious Hardwood: The value add of premium hardwood floors
Premium hardwood floors will not only make your home look and feel like new again but they also add a ton of value if you are considering selling your home. Read more
Matching Hardwood Flooring with Existing FLoors
Matching your hardwood floors with existing floors can be a challenge and not always something you should do. Consider these few things before starting. Read more
What are the designer pros doing today?
Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home can give your home the modern look and feel that can last years... Read more
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