Revealing the texture of hardwood flooring

Posted on Jan 28, 2022


For hundreds of years all hardwood floors had a certain texture to them, then came the manufacturing boom and uniformity struck the hardwood flooring industry hard and everything became smooth, plain, and boring. Gone were the lovely wide plank floors and natural knots and imperfections inherent in the wood of old. People wanted the same thing, through every plank and board.


Luckily things have changed. People are again wanting to add dimension to their designs and one of the best ways to do that is by choosing a floor with a little texture to it; nothing outlandish or overly out there, but subtle and classy.


Open Grain


Every species of wood has a different grain. When cut and cured the cellular structure of a certain species will shine through brightly if the wood is not sanded down to a flat smooth surface. Species with large open grains like Oak and Hickory have a texture that you can see with the naked eye when standing on them. The pores open as the wood is sawn at the factory and then they can be further accentuated when the boards are stained. The reason I love this texture is that no two boards are alike. It give your hardwood floors a unique character that last for decades and is truly a trend in flooring that will never go out of style.


Hand scraped


This hardwood flooring is now one of the most popular textures in stores. People love the flooring for its unique character and combined with rich colours it is an instant conversation piece. Hand scraped means individual boards are machined to create a wave like texture on the surface of the wood. It also has the added bonus of revealing the individual character of the wood grain. To note however hand scraped does not necessarily mean that the boards were actually scraped by hand. Hand-scraped simply refers to the old time process that was once practiced by carpenters who physically used their hands to scraped the individual boards. Now 95% of hand scraped boards are done by machine.


Wire brushed


If you want a texture but don’t want to draw too much design attention to your flooring then a nice wire brushed floor is the way to go. As you might imaging, to create this texture wood boards are put through a machine that uses steel brushes across the surface of the boards creating the distinctive brushed texture.


If you are having trouble deciding on a texture or have any further questions to ask please contact one of our premium flooring representatives and they can help guide you to make the selection that is best for you.

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