Premium hardwood flooring for the kitchen

Posted on Jul 1, 2017


Ceramic tile and vinyl flooring have long been the product of choice for many homeowners due to their resistance to scratches and spills. But many homeowners are discovering that with a little extra precautions and care they can enjoy the beauty and feel of premium hardwood flooring in their kitchens.


The reasons


The main reason against installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen is moisture, which kitchen can have a lot of if you are not careful. Hardwood flooring is a natural product and even though it has been ripped from its roots in the forest it is still a living breathing thing and as such still responds to changes in temperature and air humidity.


Another reason that it has long been said to avoid hardwoods in kitchens is because of frequent spills. A kitchen in any home is one of the busiest places. It is where people gather, do their homework, grab late night snacks, hang around as a family and of course cook. The amount of traffic and the fact that so many liquids are involved are another reason people have avoided hardwood flooring in the kitchen.


The answers


The beauty of hardwood flooring in every room is something many people seek and to have it in the kitchen is possible. There are just a few considerations to be talked about before running down to the Hardwood Flooring Store to buy some premium hardwood floors. One of the main considerations I always tell people is to think of your lifestyle. If you are just starting out and have a young family where spills and messes are frequent occurrences then I would consider delaying the purchase.


Another consideration is the layout of your kitchen. Hardwood floors look best in open concept kitchens. Closed kitchens can work but it is best to have a bright open space to allow the premium floors to grab your attention.


Once these considerations are taken and the floors are installed in the kitchen the main thing to do is to practice caution and good sense when it comes to your new kitchen hardwood flooring. Always clean up spills immediately, ensure that your fridge, sink, and dishwasher are in good working order. A slow leak under the sink or behind the fridge can lead to a very expensive disaster if the problem is not found and fixed as soon as possible.

Follow these simple guidelines and rules and you will be able to enjoy your premium hardwood floors in your new kitchen for years to come.

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