Premium Flooring for the Cottage

Posted on May 16, 2018


Cottage life, it is so much apart of what makes us Canadian. The memories of the summers in the country making friends, hanging out with the family and gathering inside to watch late night movies on a warm evening. A good majority of that feeling comes from the atmosphere of the cottage and a big part of that atmosphere is the flooring that you would walk on every day. The right hardwood flooring in a cottage adds charm and warmth to such a country space. 

Character is the name of the game

When it comes to hardwood flooring for cottages you need something with character. Cottages evoke a feeling of warmth so you want the floors to reflect that as well. Going with modern bamboo flooring or slate grey boards is not something I would suggest for a warm cottage feel. The best option for the cottage surely would be something in a wide plank. Wide planks are in style now and the Hardwood Flooring Store currently stocks some of the most premium wide plank floors on the market. You also want to look for a species of wood that has a lot of natural markings. Knots, grains, and imperfections are the trend in hardwood flooring right now and are perfect for the cottage. 

Standing up to abuse

Another aspect to look for in a cottage hardwood floor is something that can stand the test of time, abuse, and jumps in humidity. Being a cottage it is more than likely going to be close to a body of water, will not be lived in year round and when people do arrive there will be a lot of foot traffic and usage. Think of your floors as a living thing. Even though the flooring has been processed, that piece of wood still reacts to changes in temperature, humidity and environmental conditions, so you are going to need a species of wood that can best withstand these tough variables of cottage life. 

To ensure you are making the right decision, contact a Hardwood Flooring Store representative today. We have the expertise to guide you to the right decision for you so that when your renovation project is finished your dreams will now match reality. 

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