How to have the “I think we need new floors” discussion

Posted on Feb 11, 2020


There comes a time in most long term relationship where one partner will turn to the other and say “I think we need to do something with the floors.” This however is not always the easiest conversation to have.


Start with the  Pros and Cons of hardwood flooring  list.


Hardwood flooring is a hot commodity in the real estate market; one study found that  54% of home buyers were willing to pay more  for a home that has it. It can also be a beautiful addition to just about any home and can greatly increase your enjoyment of your home. However, there are some downsides to consider as well.



Despite the fact that your floors might be cracked, smudged, scratched, and look like they come out of an ancient castle, some partners can be blissfully unaware of the need to what lies beneath. You might know that it is time to take the leap and install new floors but how do you convince or subtlety lead you partner into the light of understanding that new floors will be better for everyone. Here are some push back questions you might receive and a few answers that might aid in convincing someone that the time has come to renovate. (Do not use the word renovate as it can scare many people).


“Why do we need to install a new floor? This one still works”


Okay, the game is on. Aside from looking horrendous, old floors can be and cause a whole host of other issues for their owner. Worn and cracked floors tend to collect more dirt and dust and are a lot harder to clean. On top of looking ugly, warped and curled floors can be a tripping hazard, possibly leading to some nasty lawsuits. So before the floors start growing plants between the cracks and grandma sues you for breaking her hip, try and convince your partner to make the way down to the Hardwood Flooring Store to view the plethora of options that can replace those tired and frankly dangerous floors.


“We can’t afford them!”


True, floors are not 100$ to put in, but there are hundreds of options for all kinds of budgets. If you are really under a strict budget constraint and have a little technical knowledge to reduce the costs you might consider doing the floors yourself. For those who are very budget conscience you have the option to shop at the Liquidation division of The Hardwood Flooring Stores or choose from many very good specials .



Remind your loved one also that new hardwood floors are an investment. They add beauty and value to any home for anyone considering selling in the near future.


“It will disrupt our lives too much.”


Sure pulling up the old floors and installing new ones will temporarily upset the gentle balance in your home, but in most cases our hardwood flooring installation, from ripping out the old flooring to installing the new flooring, takes only one or two days with full usage of the rooms in the evenings. A day or two of inconvenience is not a lot when comparing with a possible lifetime of beauty beneath your feet.

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