Matching Your Premium Hardwood Flooring

Posted on Jan 24, 2019


More and more people across the country are thinking about renovating their homes and in that renovation hardwood floors are a biggest part of it. Hardwood floors add value to a home and help in selling said home a lot faster.


If you already have good hardwood floors in some rooms and don’t have the budget to renovate them all it is important that you consider a few things before ripping up the floors and laying down parquet in a room with wide plank grey boards.


The biggest mistake most people make is trying to match one hardwood floor to another. Unless you can order the exact flooring and your floors are young enough so the floors haven’t been worn or bleached by the sun you should never try to match. In fact you should do the complete opposite of matching the floors and go for something bold.


There is an amazing variety of floors out there that can compliment your older floors. Especially if you have a nice flowing transition from one room to the next that is broken up by a wall then having contrasting floors can truly turn out to be a design win for your home.


If you are up for something a little more bold try weaving in the new boards into the old by making a pattern. Choose a line where the board shall meet then pick a weaving pattern and have the old and new board join each other in perfect harmony. This might not be the solution for all but if done right the effect can be breathtaking.


If you must match the floors then you are going to have to lay down the new floors and sand and revarnish the entire room in order to get everything on the same plane. However before you jump into this you might want to consult with a flooring professional because the older floors might absorb the stain differently.


If you have any further questions about hardwood flooring and how to best integrate it into your home contact your premium hardwood flooring representative to discuss your options and how to best integrate them into your home.

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