Into the light: The rise of light coloured flooring

Posted on Jun 14, 2022


For decades the pinnacle of flooring design and aesthetics was considered to be the dark hardwood floor. It was a symbol of richness, sophistication and quality. But times change, tastes change, styles change (thank god for that or we would still all be in bell bottoms!).


Welcome the light


One of the latest trends in flooring to surface is the move over to lighter hardwood floors . The trend has swung back this way because of the cheer variety of light styles, colours and textures to choose from. You are no longer locked into one style of light hardwood flooring, aka, the dull light pine coloured flooring in those 1970s and 1980s homes that gradually turned orange over time. Now manufacturers have listened to their customers needs and desire and have made all their wishes come true.


Light coloured premium hardwood floors are one of the most versatile colour choices you can make. While dark coloured floors are great as they provide a nice stark contrast to other design elements in the room, light coloured flooring is more forgiving. If your design tastes change over the years you are not limited in choices of furniture and design as you are in light colours as you are in darks. With dark hardwood flooring you almost have to have furniture that contrasts the rich floors, whereas with light coloured floorings your design options can literally be anything you imagine.




Another reason for the rise in popularity of the light coloured premium flooring is that they are just more practical for everyday use. If you are a family of three or more you will know this for a fact. I currently have dark hardwood floors and two young kids and I am constantly cleaning footprints, food and dust from the floors. Sure it makes for a cleaner house but it is impractical to have to be sweeping up and mopping the floors everyday just to make the house look clean and nice. As light coloured floors, for example grey and light pine tones, don’t show the dirt and footprint like the darker hardwood choices on the market simply because they are invisible. They are still there but you just cannot see them. This might sounds like cheating or lying to oneself to justify a purchase but when dealing with the constant smudges and smears on dark woods.


Light coloured floors are “in” and more and more people are making the switch. If you are considering lighting up your home and want to upgrade to premium quality flooring make sure to contact one of our experts who can guide you into making the right choice for you.

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