Environmentally friendly decorating tips

Posted on Jul 31, 2017


Going “green” is no longer a fringe movement. The protection of the environment is something that has entered the consciousness of the average person and in the everyday purchases that they make. From groceries to the kind of cars we buy even to the way we decorate and furnish our homes, being aware of your impact on the environment is something that we all should take into account when going about our daily lives. The following are just a few ways you can help to make a small but needed impact on our environment when it comes to designing and outfitting your home.


1 - Back in Fashion: Some of the nicest furniture you have already might be in your home. Furniture much like fashion tends to be cyclical and that dresser you have in the basement from the 1960s might be peeling and scratched but with a little tender love and care (i.e. sanding, finishing or painting) you can have that piece looking brand new and ready for display.


2 - Reuse and repurpose: There a million different thing you can take in your home and turn into a beautiful decor items, all you need is a few tools and an imagination (or Pinterest). Think about the things that you would regularly throw in the trash; Mason Jars, tires, even wood pallets. All these things can be turn into a decor item in your home with a little elbow grease. Try it and see, simply google wood pallet decor ideas and you will find hundreds of pictures and how-to videos that turn an ordinary wooden pallet into a wine rack or a herb garden.


3 - Choose products carefully: When choosing a varnish for your new hardwood flooring (purchased from HFSPremium of course) make sure to buy smart. Look for low-VOCs paints or varnishes with less harmful chemicals present. Companies are aware more and more people are looking to take certain chemicals out of there home and are providing different options. These products are not only good for your home but also they emit less harmful gases that eventually make their way into the atmosphere.


4 - Bargain Hunting: Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new furniture starting hunting at bargain shops, flea markets, and sites like Craigslist that give you the chance to find that jewel of a piece of art or decor that you never would have found in a regular department-type store.

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