Air Quality: How to ensure you are breathing the best air in your home

Posted on Feb 27, 2019


The air your home can affect your health in the same manner as the city air outside. To be honest, because the majority of people spend the bulk of their days inside their homes, the air can actually be even more harmful than the air outside. To help improve the quality of air in your home make sure to follow a few simple rules.



1- Open up the windows: Don’t be afraid of a little fresh air from the outside. Opening up the windows and creating different currents through your home allows bad to circulate out and allows fresh new air into the home. This removes stagnant air, dust and toxins that would normally just get trapped in by your doors, windows and walls.



2- Keep humidity to a minimum: Humidity is a breeder of mold and mildew. In the winter keep your windows and doors well insulated in order to reduce condensation. This will keep the possibility of molds growing to a minimum and have you breathing easier.



3 - Chemicals Free: If you are going to paint or re-finish your hardwood floors, try and purchase V.O.C free or low V.O.C products. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and they are carcinogenic to human beings, meaning they are cancer causing chemicals. They are present in many products in your home. By purchasing low VOC or VOC free you are ensuring the air in your home is as safe as possible.



4 - Cleaning products : As in the case against VOCs, keep your cleaning products as natural as possible. One of the best tips I ever received is that vodka makes a great all purpose cleaner. Mixed with water, vodka can be used to clean bathrooms, mirrors, countertops etc. THe alcohol will kill bacteria and you have a ready supply of drink mix for to celebrate when you finish cleaning.

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