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How to have the “I think we need new floors” discussion
There comes a time in most long term relationship where one partner will turn to the other and say “I think we need to do something with the floors.” This however is not always the easiest conversation to have. Read more
Air quality in your home
The air your home can affect your health in the same manner as the city air outside. To be honest, because the majority of people spend the bulk of their days inside their homes, the air can actually be even more harmful than the air outside. Read more
Luxurious Hardwood: The value add of premium hardwood floors
Premium hardwood floors will not only make your home look and feel like new again but they also add a ton of value if you are considering selling your home. Read more
Dark Hardwood Floors and Design Choice
Dark hardwood floors are great but choosing the right furniture and decor can be challenging but get it right and magic occurs. Read more
Premium Flooring for the Cottage
Cottage life, it is so much apart of what makes us Canadian. The memories of the summers in the country making friends, hanging out with the family and Read more
Upgrade Your Life
Upgrading your hardwood floors will not just bring up the value of your home but will also increase the enjoy you feel everytime you walk in the door. . Read more
Revealing the texture of hardwood flooring
For hundreds of years all hardwood floors had a certain texture to them, then came the manufacturing boom and uniformity struck the hardwood flooring industry hard and everything became smooth, plain, and boring. Read more
Hardwood flooring for the bedroom
Hardwood flooring in the bedroom is possible you just need to know how to make it possible. Read more
Enviromentally friendly decorating tips
Being environmentally friendly when decorating is easy. Learn more by reading this. Read more
Your Pets and Premium Hardwood Flooring
Is it possible to have premium hardwood floors and a large dog. While many people would say no, it is possible with a little planning. Read more
On Trend Flooring
Flooring like fashion is subject to trending. Read more here to find out the latest trends to be sweeping the premium hardwood flooring industry. Read more
Premium Hardwood Flooring for the Bathroom
Yes, hardwood floors in the bathroom. It is possible and if done right the finished product will look fantastic and last for a very long time. However, there are conditions. Read more
Manufactured reclaimed hardwood flooring old world feel premium quality
Reclaimed hardwood floors are all the rage but it is not always easy to get your hands on an old barn this is why manufacturers are coming out with a series of brilliant hardwood that look like reclaimed. Read more
Flooring as Primary Design Element
When you think of redesigning your home, usually you think of walls, trim, or decor; flooring is probably the last thing on your mind when... Read more
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