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How to have the “I think we need new floors” discussion
There comes a time in most long term relationship where one partner will turn to the other and say “I think we need to do something with the floors.” This however is not always the easiest conversation to have. Read more
6 ways humidity can affect your hardwood flooring
During the winter, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring loses some of its moisture and contracts or shrinks as a result. Read more
Air quality in your home
The air your home can affect your health in the same manner as the city air outside. To be honest, because the majority of people spend the bulk of their days inside their homes, the air can actually be even more harmful than the air outside. Read more
Matching Hardwood Flooring with Existing FLoors
Matching your hardwood floors with existing floors can be a challenge and not always something you should do. Consider these few things before starting. Read more
Apps to help you choose hardwood flooring
Apps are everywhere and the flooring industry has the apps to help you choose a premium hardwood floor. Read more
Carpet vs Hardwood
The eternal battle between carpeting and hardwood flooring is resolved here. Read more
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